Brand Rules Your Logo Needs to Meet

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There are a lot of businesses that made their logo back when designing and branding had not really evolved. While there is nothing wrong with sticking with your roots, you must ensure that your logo is still doing what it is supposed to. And that is creating brand recognition and being an identity of your organization. [...]

Best Logo Maker Generators to Choose From

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When you are starting a business, there is a lot you need to take care of. While product development is important, another integral aspect is branding. You must ensure people are aware and ready to pay for your service. Branding helps in doing so. Designing a logo for your company is a part of the branding [...]

Business Logos: Just another Symbol?

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Can you name the logos of the following brands? McDonald's. Adidas. Starbucks. Versace. The chances are most of you can. This shows the power of a logo. Regardless of where you see these logos, you will be able to tell which brand or business they represent. This showcases that business logos are not just symbols. Instead, [...]